Feed the Children of our Future

Good nutrition is essential for effective learning every day, all year long. Just as learning doesn’t end when school lets out, neither does the need for proper nutrition. Children who aren’t hungry learn better, act better and feel better. The Summer Feeding Service Program (SFSP) helps children get the nutrition they need to learn, play and grow throughout the summer months when they are out of school.

This is why we created the Lovin’ Lunchbox Program which provides nutritious meals and snacks to children during the summer months that would otherwise go without. Did you know that over 10,000 children in San Luis Obispo County receive free and reduced lunch during the school year?  These children struggle during the summer and their families tend to reach for unhealthy, inexpensive food because they can’t afford nutritious items.

On Wednesday, August 10th we have a chance to expand this program and serve even more children in San Luis Obispo County!  The Food Bank Coalition is one of 500 finalists in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good Program.  The only way we can win is if you cast your vote on August 10th at http://apps.facebook.com/carsforgood.  In 30 seconds or less you can make a difference for thousands of children in San Luis Obispo County! Tell your friends, family & coworkers – tell EVERYONE!!!

Why do we deserve this new Toyota? We’ll use this new Toyota for many years to come, serving over 50,000 meals to children this summer alone that would otherwise go without. At sites around the county in low-income areas, kids are invited to share a Lovin’ Lunchbox and enjoy programs and activities. Our new car will be used to train, monitor and deliver healthy meals to partner sites. One Toyota in its lifetime will change the future for thousands of kids, and that changes the future for all of us.

A note from one of our 2011 Summer Feeding Partners                                       Thank you all for your help and support this   summer. Without your help the children at Boys & Girls Club would not get the great nutritious meal everyday. We could not do it without you!” - Lauren Cross (Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of North County)

Remember to VOTE – Wednesday, August 10th at http://apps.facebook.com/carsforgood

36 thoughts on “Feed the Children of our Future

  1. We tried our best to bring the Toyota home to SLO County but fell a little short. We are grateful for all of the support we recieved and are so thankful to this incredible community! We will also recieve a $1,000 grant that will help deliver healthy meals delivered by the Lovin’ Lunchbox.

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