Board of Directors

Board Chair
Jeff Mercer, Business Banker, Term: 2016
Vice Chair

Richard Benitez, Education, Term: 2015
Richard Hungerford, Hi-Tech Industry, Term: 2015

Melissa Babu, Attorney, Term: 2015

Doug Major, Doctor of Optometry, Term: 2016

Lisa Nicholson, Education, Term: 2016

Susan McTaggart, Education, 2017

Steve Davis, Commercial Real Estate, 2017

Joe Simonin, Business Owner, 2017

Mark Corella, Banking District Manager, 2017

Jon Franke, 2017

Megan Coats, R.D. Cal Poly, 2017

Donna Lewis, Real Estate, Term: 2018

Our mission is to work with a network of community partners to alleviate hunger in San Luis Obispo County and build a healthier community.