Board of Directors

Board Chair
Steve Davis, Commercial Real Estate

Vice Chair
Joe Simonin, Business Owner

Lisa Nicholson, Education

Richard Hungerford, Hi-Tech Industry

Richard Benitez, Education

Mark Corella, Banking District Manager

Jon Franke, PG&E

Tiffany German, Accounting Manager

Donna Lewis, Real Estate

Doug Major, Doctor of Optometry

Susan McTaggart, Education

Yukie Murphy, Ed. Research & Communications

Lisa Nicholson, Education

Jared Salter, Attorney

Photo: Richard Benitez, in blue, helping to accept a proclamation for the Food Bank from the City of Paso Robles in May 2018.

Our dear friend and Food Bank Board Director Richard Benitez passed away in early October of this year. He was a man comfortable with the company of the lowly. If there was anyone who stood outside the circle of belonging, Richard was there with a hand to elevate and encourage folks, to open doors to education, to give of himself personally and by guiding others to enlarge this circle. How fortunate we all have been to dance in this now widening circle with this great man.

You could routinely count on a wild and funny idea passing through Richard’s thoughts and he would then raise his eyebrows as he shared this idea with you and his eyes would glow with mischievousness. He was trouble in the very best of ways; trouble to those who would stick to systems that did not serve the underserved, trouble to those with limits to their imagination, to those who would rob people of hope.

To the thousands and thousands of people whom he touched, Richard Benitez was a light that drew us all into a widening circle of belonging and acceptance, healing and compassion. May the circle, now and always, be unbroken!

Our mission is to work with a network of community partners to alleviate hunger in San Luis Obispo County and build a healthier community.

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