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The San Luis Obispo Food System Coalition is a collaborative organization bringing together stakeholders from broad and often conflicting perspectives for the purpose of discovering shared interests, common goals, and mutually agreed action plans that serve the common good and provide for low-income persons who do not have access on a regular basis to nutritious food. The Hunger Free Communities Survey Presentation is the product of research in our county conducted by STRIDE of Cal Poly, and funded by a grant from the USDA Hunger Free Communities Department. Only nine of these grants were issued in 2011 throughout the United States. The Food Bank applied because we wanted to access more local produce to feed our local food insecure persons and families. The USDA responded by offering a Planning Grant so that we would, 1) Conduct research necessary to utilize local produce effectively, support local agriculture, and understand Hunger better in our county; 2) Form an ongoing Food Policy Council, which we are calling the SLO Co. Food System Coalition, to continue to monitor food needs in the county and help plan strategically for the future; and 3) Develop a plan to fight hunger in SLO County, which is now completed and called, Paradox of Plenty: A Community Roadmap for Overcoming Hunger in San Luis Obispo County.

Please feel free to call me on my cell, (805) 235-2851, should your review of these documents create questions, concerns, or input from your perspective. If you belong to an organization that you feel should be represented on the Coalition, we would welcome that. The Coalition meets quarterly, with the Administrative Committee meeting one additional time each quarter, and work groups based upon our goals meeting as necessary.

Carl Hansen, Food Bank Coalition Executive Director
Member, SLO Co. Food System Coalition

 Hunger Free Communities Survey Presentation

Paradox of Plenty - Final Report

Paradox of Plenty - Executive Summary