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The SLO Food Bank believes everyone has the right to nutritious food. With reliable access to wholesome food, we are all healthier, happier and more productive members of our communities. Our mission is to work with a network of community partners to alleviate hunger in San Luis Obispo County and build a stronger community.

Our Mission

We believe every human being has the right to nutritious food.

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Food Distributions

The SLO Food Bank is a safety net for people facing hunger in SLO County.

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Food Rescue

Every year, more than 58 million pounds of food rot in our local fields. GleanSLO is dedicated to rescuing that food.

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Community Outreach & Partnerships

We empower people to make healthy choices through outreach and education.

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Faces of the SLO Food Bank

Janna Nichols

No-Cook Bags are an innovative way to build bridges with those who are without shelter. A lot of our clients are drawn to us because of the availability of food that they can really use. And we’re able to leverage that interest to engage them in a conversation about the many other resources we can provide.

Janna Nichols, Executive Director
Janna Nichols from the 5 Cities Homeless Coalition is one of the visionaries of the No-Cook Bags that the SLO Food Bank is able to offer to agencies who serve those without shelter. She works every day with clients who are disadvantaged and sees how No-Cook Bags have become one of the most innovative and effective ways to engage clients at her agency.


We all agree that we come here not just for the food, but also to be around people and to catch up on whatever happened since we last saw each other. Sometimes new faces walk in and we get a chance to make new friends.

Connie, SLO Food Bank Recipient and Volunteer
Connie, who survives on $350 per month from Social Security, is thankful for the support she gets from the SLO Food Bank. She said she wouldn’t know what to do without their services.

Carolyn Eicher

While I was becoming focused on helping to get GleanSLO off the ground, someone close to me was in a challenging situation and needed food assistance for their family from their local food pantry. I learned how little fresh produce was available to them. We live in the land of plenty yet people are hungry.

Carolyn Eicher, GleanSLO Co-Founder
Carolyn Eicher is the heart, soul and co-founding innovator of a community movement that led to the creation of GleanSLO. She would be the first to describe it as a team effort that took advantage of dozens of creative women and men who wanted to rise to the challenge of rescuing food in a community where so many go hungry.


Most of the time, my dad and I get to a point where we have about a week or more left in the month, but no more money to buy food. The bus ride to the food distribution takes me about one hour round trip, but if I miss a connection, it can take up to two.

David, SLO Food Bank Recipient
David has been coming to our public food distribution at the Paso Robles Housing Authority at Oak Park for several years. Without a car he has to rely on other methods of transportation which in his case is public transit. The 51-year old left his job to take care of his father.

Bonnie Allen

Volunteering for the SLO Food Bank is a small portion of my day that helps me feel connected to my community. The SLO Food Bank allows people to take the money they would otherwise spend on food and put it toward rent and other expenses. Many folks are struggling, and the food really helps. People who use the SLO Food Bank not only eat better, but live better because they feel like they are part of a community.

Bonnie Allen, SLO Food Bank Volunteer
Bonnie picks up food at the SLO Food Bank’s distribution site at Del Mar Elementary School in Morro Bay and delivers it to people who can’t make it themselves.


“Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do! I have been receiving help for a couple of years now. Your support means the world to me and your fresh produce has completely changed the way I eat.”

Blanca, SLO Food Bank Recipient
Blanca lives in San Miguel, where, due to its location, she has only limited access to a comprehensive food supply that most other SLO County residents enjoy. Sometimes, when she gets more food than she can eat, she shares it with her neighbors.

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