2019 Summer Breakfast Program

A few months ago, we reported on handing out breakfast bags during the summer months to children from low-income areas across SLO County. The distribution of these bags belongs to our summer programs and is meant to fill the hunger gap when school meals are not available.

This program was made possible by the Albertsons Companies Foundation and their annual Hunger Is campaign which was put in place as an effort to eradicate childhood hunger in America. Funds are raised with the help of participating Albertsons and Vons stores.

We are very excited to announce that we have been selected again as a charity partner for next year! That means we will be able to distribute more breakfast bags in 2019, but we need YOUR HELP RIGHT NOW so more kids and their families can get help!

Manager Carol from Albertsons in Paso Robles was very happy about this giant thank you card which was created by children that received breakfast bags this summer!

Manager Vicki from Vons in Nipomo proudly holds up her giant thank you card.

But what can you do?

Simply go to the Albertsons stores in Paso Robles or Morro Bay, as well as to Vons in Nipomo, San Luis Obispo or Grover Beach, and make a donation to the Hunger Is program at checkout from now to September 30.

And if this is not convincing enough, read what our agency partners have to say about the summer breakfast bag program:

“I loved being able to provide breakfast bags to our low income community since many of the children do not receive the necessary daily nutrition that they need to grow strong and healthy. Over 60 families were able to make great use of the Breakfast Bags! Providing them with these bags is a great tool to ensure that children in low income communities have food in their tummies. I also liked the fact that many of these food items did not require much (if any) prepping. This makes it easy for kiddos to grab a light snack/breakfast, if parents are not around due to work. One parent even told me that end of month is financially tough and having these bags at home is definitely of great support for their family to ensure that their children are not left without food. I really wish that this program would happen year-round and not only during the summer.

– Ruby from Oceano School Readiness

“The breakfast bags made a big difference to low-income north coast families. The quality food was delivered to kids who really needed the nutrition. It’s just such a great, successful program. The kids and their families were very grateful. I remember one day we had several kids waiting for us to make a delivery in San Simeon, and they were so happy when they received the food.”

– Sue Preston from Cambria Connection

Items from a sample bag!

Thank you for supporting our mission to alleviate hunger in San Luis Obispo County and build a healthier community!

We would also like to thank the Albertsons and Vons stores for selecting us as their charity partner and for supporting our efforts to fight hunger. We would also like to thank Albertsons Companies Foundation for its dedication to ensuring that no child has to start their day hungry.

– By Andrea Keisler, Director of Programs