Body Positivity and Nutrition: All Bodies Are Good Bodies

The body positivity revolution is challenging societal norms and emphasizing the importance of self-love and body acceptance. Remember the joy and confidence we had as children, embracing ourselves with complete abandon? Sadly, as we grow older, our self-esteem often takes a hit, making it harder to maintain a positive body image. In this blog, we’ll explore how body positivity and self-love play a crucial role in nutrition and overall well-being.

The Definition of Body Positivity

According to researchers Tracy L. Tylka and Nichole L Wood-Barclow, positive body image encompasses various aspects, including body appreciation, acceptance, broadening beauty standards, and inner positivity. It’s about accepting ourselves as we are, despite societal pressures to conform to a harmful thin ideal. Clinical psychologist Niva Piran refers to this as “embodiment,” our lived experience in our bodies rather than just focusing on appearance.

The Body Positive Revolution

Thankfully, a paradigm shift is happening in society. Social activists, influencers, and organizations like The Body Positive and Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) are challenging negative narratives and promoting body positivity, inclusivity, and embodiment. One significant movement is Health at Every Size (HAES), which encourages rethinking societal messages, setting appropriate goals, and embracing food rather than fearing it. It’s about learning to love and trust ourselves, just like those confident children in my son’s kindergarten class.

The Importance of Self-Love in Nutrition

Self-love is an essential component of self-care. Our bodies are our lifelong homes, and we owe it to ourselves to honor and love them. By embracing body positivity, we can develop a healthy relationship with food and ourselves. It allows us to receive proper healthcare, prioritize self-care, and feel confident taking up space in the world.

A list of 10 ways to practice Body Positivity

Embracing body positivity and self-love is not just about appearance; it’s about nurturing our overall well-being and nutrition. Join the body positive revolution and challenge societal norms. Love and honor your unique body, and find peace in your relationship with food and yourself. Remember, you deserve to live a life of self-acceptance and self-love.

– By Melissa Conrey, Dietetic Intern, California Department of State Hospitals, Atascadero