Author: Savannah Evans

Gayle’s Story of Food Insecurity: Love, Animals, And Unforeseen Circumstances

Food insecurity can hit people from all different walks of life. It often only takes one unforeseen incident to throw our well-established rhythm off its course and into a downward… Read more »

Tips and Tricks to Reduce Food Waste at Home

A woman reaching into a fridge to read the label of a packaged good.

By now, most people have heard the staggering statistic that one third of food produced in the United States is wasted. Food waste can occur at any point in the… Read more »

Judson Terrace Food Distribution Builds Community

Once a month, the residents at Judson Terrace Homes, a living complex for low-income seniors, get together for the Judson Terrace Food Distribution. This event does not only supply them… Read more »

Grange Hall in Atascadero: A Center for Hope

Every month, the Grange Hall in Atascadero, which is mostly a place for dancing sessions, is used for another purpose: to support those in need with healthy, nutritious food. Volunteers… Read more »

The Human Side of Our Public Neighborhood Food Distributions

Every month, residents of downtown SLO have the opportunity to visit our public Neighborhood Food Distribution at the senior center on Santa Rosa Street. In August 2019, I had a… Read more »

Public Food Distribution at 2nd Baptist Church in Paso Robles

All of our Public Neighborhood Food Distributions are well attended and received within each community. 2nd Baptist Church in Paso Robles is no exception. Every month, people from all different… Read more »

All About Gleaning: Rescuing Nature’s Bounty

Two gleaners (gleaning volunteers) holding a GleanSLO banner and juggling citrus.

The SLO Food Bank Food Rescue program, GleanSLO, harvests produce (called “gleaning”) that would otherwise go to waste from farms, orchards, and backyards and distribute it through our Hunger Relief… Read more »

GleanSLO Co-Founder Carolyn Eicher on Food Rescue: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Carolyn Eicher is the heart, soul and co-founding innovator of a community movement that led to the creation of GleanSLO. She would be the first to describe it as a… Read more »

Community Dinner Served by Morro Bay Lions Club

Morro Bay Lions Club logo

“We have never missed a night,” proclaims main coordinator Linda Fidell proudly while her team is setting up tables for another community meal with the Morro Bay Lions Club. Morro… Read more »

A Lot in Morro Bay for $125

When we met Bill Huntington, known as Boomer among family and friends, a few weeks ago at one of our food distributions in Morro Bay, he told us that he… Read more »