Inspired by our Youngest Generation

How far would you go to help those in need around you? What motivates you to give back to your community? Over the years, we have seen and heard many different reasons why someone decides to invest time, energy, and money to support the SLO Food Bank and its nonprofit Agency Partners. And more often… Read more »

Eating Intuitively is Practicing Self Care

Eat whatever you want, indulge in everything, who cares about nutrition? Everything should taste good! Food freedom means I’m free to eat all the candy all day! If I allow myself to eat whatever I want, I’ll never stop eating! If you’ve heard about intuitive eating you may have heard these statements or you may… Read more »

All Bodies Are Good Bodies

“I like me! I like my hair. I like my chin. I like the skin I’m wrapped up in! I like me!” I fondly remember this little ditty from my son’s kindergarten class. His teacher would often sit the kids down to recite this fun chant and it would bring smiles and laughter all around…. Read more »

Deceased Board Member Inspires Continued Support

One individual can inspire others to do a lot of good. That is how Dan Sutton, general manager at Pismo Oceano Vegetable Exchange (POVE) for twenty years and board member at the Farm Bureau for twelve years, remembers his dear friend and fellow board member Hugh Pitts. “Hugh was a great leader and a passionate… Read more »

Use Nutrition to Fight the Flu

2020 has absolutely flown by and winter will be here before we know it. It is exciting to think of the holiday fun that comes in the last quarter of the year. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza are just a few. While it is easy to become excited over the holidays around the corner, most… Read more »

How A Community Unites To Secure Fair Meat

Summer on the Central Coast looked very different this year as our community canceled many iconic events and gatherings, including the California Mid State Fair. In years past, we enjoyed a wonderful relationship with this annual event as meat donated from the Fair’s livestock auction provided 30-40% of our annual meat protein for clients throughout… Read more »

Breakfast Bags: The Most Nutritious Surprise Bag for Kids

Have you heard about our Summer Breakfast Bag Program yet? These bags contain healthy breakfast items like peanut butter, oatmeal and cereals, are meant for children of all ages and fill the hunger gap when school meals are not available during the summer. This year, the breakfast bags have become especially essential: When schools were… Read more »

Mental Health Nutrition

Are you feeling more anxious, stressed or depressed recently? Do you find yourself reaching for comfort foods just to ease some of the tension you feel? While comfort foods provide a coping mechanism for many, they can also increase rather than alleviate some of your anxiety and depressive emotions. Truth is, what you eat can… Read more »

Serving Our Community

 On March 13, when the shelter-at-home order went into effect, everybody’s daily life changed drastically. But for the employees of San Luis Obispo County, that day also marked the start of a journey most of them had never done before: to respond in times of need as disaster service workers. As set forth in… Read more »

Working Together To Feed SLO County

Based out of San Luis Obispo, California Food Trading, Inc. has over 35 years of experience selling beans, rice and other commodity food items. The SLO Food Bank works with their team to order bulk food items like oats, rice, beans, and canned items. During the COVID-19 health crisis that is also impacting the availability… Read more »