California Mid State Fair

July is Mid-State Fair time in SLO County. So I have to ask, “What is your favorite thing about the Fair?” If you’d like to make your response on our blog, you can share your thoughts with thousands who receive our newsletter!

As for me, the best part of the Fair is the people. It’s a huge block party. Great talent comes to entertain us, creative people share from their kitchens, gardens, and studios. Farmers display the abundance and variety of produce that our county provides, and our young neighbors inspire us with the animals they’ve raised and the goods they’ve produced. Then there’s the carnival, with its thrills and oddities. (I get queasy thinking about it because my inner ear remembers a time before I learned that carnival rides and the ocean must be avoided.)

So the Fair is about appreciating who we are and celebrating our diverse gifts. Did you know that the Food Bank receives meat from the Jr. Livestock Auction to feed hungry people? Many people who purchase animals at the Fair donate them to the Food Bank. So there’s one more reason to be like the Fair. If you’re like me, it’s hard to pick just one thing. I say it’s the people, because people make it all happen. What’s your favorite thing?