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The Impact of Food Banks in the Community

“Food brings people together on many levels,” says chef Giada De Laurentiis. “It’s nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love.” We see this love not only in the meals we share with loved ones, but in the food we provide to our community. Here’s how food banks spread the love in their local… Read more »

Benefits of CalFresh

Curious about CalFresh? Here’s a starting place to learn all about the program, its requirements and benefits, and the many ways signing up for CalFresh can promote health and wellness for you and your loved ones. What Is CalFresh? CalFresh is a federal food assistance program that provides income-eligible individuals and families with a monthly… Read more »

Fighting Food Insecurity this Thanksgiving

I can almost smell the turkey in the oven and the gravy on the stove! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, everyone is gearing up for the holiday season. While many of us do not have to worry about putting a Thanksgiving dinner on the table, many people in our community who are facing food… Read more »

Sustainable Food Systems

A food system encompasses all of the activities that relate to the production, processing, distribution, marketing, preparation, and consumption of foods. When we refer to a sustainable food system, we are referencing a system that has the ability to provide food and nutrition for all in a way that does not compromise future generation’s food… Read more »

Inspired by our Youngest Generation

How far would you go to help those in need around you? What motivates you to give back to your community? Over the years, we have seen and heard many different reasons why someone decides to invest time, energy, and money to support the SLO Food Bank and its nonprofit Agency Partners. And more often… Read more »

How A Community Unites To Secure Fair Meat

Summer on the Central Coast looked very different this year as our community canceled many iconic events and gatherings, including the California Mid State Fair. In years past, we enjoyed a wonderful relationship with this annual event as meat donated from the Fair’s livestock auction provided 30-40% of our annual meat protein for clients throughout… Read more »

A Community Takes Care of Its Own at Judson Terrace Homes

Once a month, the residents at Judson Terrace Homes, a living complex for low-income seniors, get together for our Senior Food Distribution. This event does not only supply them with the food they need but also offers a great way to socialize and talk to each other. Many are thankful for the support they receive… Read more »

The Connection between Summer Hunger and Health

When I think back to the summers of my childhood, I fondly remember days spent outside playing with my friends. I remember going to the pool, summer camp, and the excitement I felt when I heard the sound of the ice cream truck. I also remember returning home for lunch and dinner to a home-cooked… Read more »

Extending Hospitality and Feeding Neighbors

Hunger relief is an ancient feature of humans helping out their neighbor. If it’s not the oldest game in town it’s close to it. All the early texts of wisdom literature recorded ideas about how to treat those who were the most vulnerable in society. Special care was suggested for older citizens, babies and the… Read more »

Hunger Relief From a Place of Hope

There’s nothing subtle about being hungry. The need for food is part of the human condition. Everyone knows how it feels when you don’t eat for 10 or 14 or 20 hours. You may get impatient, anxious, or distressed, or a combination of all these things. And so, 1 in 6 people in our county… Read more »