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The Benefits of Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit and Veggie Border Around "The Benefits of Eating Fruit and Vegetables"

The importance of fruits and vegetables is no secret, but there may be more advantages to a fruit-and-veggie-filled diet than you realize! Here’s a closer look at the many benefits of fruits and vegetables, followed by some ideas for how to eat more vegetables and fruits, so that you can be inspired and equipped to… Read more »

Childhood Hunger and Nutrition

Little girl eats an apple | Childhood Hunger and Nutrition

Skipped meals, diets with inadequate nutrition, and other forms of hunger have negative effects on overall health at any age, but children are particularly susceptible. Childhood hunger exacerbates kids’ risk for health problems like asthma and anemia and can result in mental health struggles, behavioral issues, and academic underperformance. Here’s an exploration of these effects… Read more »

Hunger in the United States

Two children hold bags of food - Hunger in the United States

While hunger is often portrayed in the media as a distant problem in third-world countries, the pangs of food insecurity are very much felt here in North America. Hunger haunts communities around the nation, and affected more than 38 million Americans in 2020 alone. Here’s a look at the state of hunger in the US,… Read more »

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Sometimes eating healthy and affording to eat seem like two incompatible ideas. Healthy food can be expensive while unhealthy processed foods are cheap, leading people pressed for money to pay for calories over nutrition. But nutrition is incredibly important for your health, and can still be affordable with a considered, intentional approach. Follow these 15… Read more »

Nutrition as Medicine: How Good Food Supports Your Health

Everyone knows, in a general sense, that eating healthy is good for you. But nutrition does so much more than you may realize. Here’s a look at the concept of nutrition as medicine, and how eating the right foods can support your health in powerful ways. Food as Medicine Nutrition is a crucial part of… Read more »

National Canned Food Month

Yes, I’m sure you TOTALLY knew that the month of February is National Canned Food Month. To celebrate it, we shared helpful hints and tricks about canned goods on Facebook or Instagram throughout last month. Because canned food items are so important to our mission, we decided to compile more educational information in this article…. Read more »

How to Use SMART Goals to Achieve Your Health Goals

Are you somebody who wishes to make a healthy change in life, but find that you never stick to it? Common goals people have include losing weight, waking up earlier, going to the gym, reading more, etc., but many report never achieving these goals even though they really are ready to make that change. Let… Read more »

Vitamin D Deficiency, Exercise, and COVID-19

As the rules around the pandemic begin to change and our connection with family, friends, and strangers slowly returns, it is best to keep in mind that this virus, as well as the common cold and flu, are still prevalent. You can still become infected and potentially sick. Fortunately, there are several ways to boost… Read more »

Eating Intuitively is Practicing Self Care

Eat whatever you want, indulge in everything, who cares about nutrition? Everything should taste good! Food freedom means I’m free to eat all the candy all day! If I allow myself to eat whatever I want, I’ll never stop eating! If you’ve heard about intuitive eating you may have heard these statements or you may… Read more »

All Bodies Are Good Bodies

“I like me! I like my hair. I like my chin. I like the skin I’m wrapped up in! I like me!” I fondly remember this little ditty from my son’s kindergarten class. His teacher would often sit the kids down to recite this fun chant and it would bring smiles and laughter all around…. Read more »