Farewell Haley Trengove

We are saying goodbye to our Community Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator, to most of you known as Haley Trengove. Haley will be pursuing a new opportunity within the area. We will miss her dearly, but we wish her lots of luck on her new adventure! Read her little interview to find out what she has to say about her time here at the SLO Food Bank.

1. What were your responsibilities as Community Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator?

As the volunteer coordinator I got to work alongside some of the kindest souls in our community. My responsibilities involved recruiting, training, and instructing a diverse volunteer core! We worked to accomplish many tasks that help with the operations of the SLO Food Bank!

2. Could you describe what a typical day looked like for you?

I started each day by visiting my buddies in the warehouse. We spent the first part of the morning talking over volunteer needs for the day and brainstorming different projects that volunteers could be set up on. After that I would work on responding to volunteer related emails, requests, and phone calls. My mornings were spent greeting volunteers as they arrived for their volunteer shift, training new volunteers on the Do’s and Don’t’s of the warehouse, and making sure every individual felt welcome and comfortable while volunteering.

3. What was your most rewarding experience?

My most rewarding experience was being able to provide numerous people with the food they needed to feed themselves and their families. One instance in particular sticks out to me. We occasionally get individuals who visit our warehouse seeking emergency food assistance. I was able to provide a woman with food, resources, and security so that she could continue searching for a job while not worrying about where her next meal would come from. As she thanked me she began to cry and I made sure that she knew that we, The SLO Food Bank, are here for her. With a bag of food in hand and a hug I was able to make an impact in my community.

4. What did you enjoy the most while working at the SLO Food Bank?

ALL MY VOLUNTEERS! YOU ALL ROCK! I really enjoyed working with all volunteers. I got to work with a variety of service groups, businesses, students, and individuals. The people who volunteer their time to help alleviate hunger in SLO County are truly passionate and amazing people. I am leaving my position with a new and hopeful perspective on SLO County!

Haley loved working at the SLO Food Bank where she got to work with a variety of service groups, businesses, students, and individuals.

5. What are you up to next?

I am pursuing my passion in sustainable agriculture. I recently accepted a position to help design and execute a farm-to-table garden for a local restaurant. In college I founded a student-run cooperative that supplied the campus dining halls with fresh produce, and over the years I have had the incredible opportunity to travel to places such as Hawaii, Patagonia, and Italy to learn about sustainable farming methods. I am excited to be following my passion, but will miss my SLO Food Bank family!

– By Luise Gleason, Marketing & Communications Coordinator