It’s Time to Eat Real, America!

Celebrate Food Day on Monday, October 24th!

We can do a lot as donors to help those in need, but sometimes we can do even more as voters! There are proposals leading up to the election year and the renewal of the Farm Bill, some want to cut USDA Commodities to Food Banks by as much as 40%, and to reduce support for Food Stamps (CalFresh in California), as well as other critical programs.  This will be devastating to our county if it happens, because alternative sources of food have diminished in recent years, and we have relied on the commodities program to fill the gap created by these losses.  We at the Food Bank Coalition are now able to use USDA food not only in our USDA distributions, but also in the Senior Brown Bag Program and the Healthy Food for Local Families Program.  Seniors and children will be the hardest hit, but everyone in the county, whether living in poverty or not, will be affected by this increased suffering.  Take a moment to ask for a healthy Farm Bill.