Make a gift in honor of someone you care about

For each donation of $20 or greater, we will send a hand-written, customized holiday card to your loved one telling them that a donation was made in their name by you. We will share the incredible impact of your gift in terms of how many nutritious meals will be provided based on the strength of your kindness! However, the actual amount of your gift will be excluded from the card.

There are a couple ways you can make this donation:

Donate Online
If you would like to donate online, please complete the form below.

Donate via Check or Cash
Another way to make this donation would be to write a check for the total amount and enclose a list of names and addresses for the honorees and the amount you would like to donate to each family. You can mail your donation to: SLO Food Bank, 1180 Kendall Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.

Do you need help? Please call our Development Coordinator Claire Levine at (805) 457-5456 or email