How does social media help the Food Bank?

Recipe, a local food and beverage marketing company, is holding a Facebook promotion to raise money for the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County.  They plan to donate one dollar for every Facebook Like they receive during the holiday season.

“We wanted to support the local food bank and all the work they do.  They are a natural fit for us.  We represent food and beverage companies while they make sure that no one goes hungry,” said Ellen Curtis, owner and managing partner of Recipe.

Each person who Likes Recipe will have a donation made in his or her honor.  Recipe’s goal is to donate $1,000 to the Food Bank, which would provide 7,000 meals to San Luis Obispo County residents.  This is the second year Recipe has held a Facebook promotion for the Food Bank.

“Recipe has built a great community of food and beverage enthusiasts on our Facebook page.  We think our Facebook community would want to do something good.  You can’t love food without being aware of hunger.  Donating is part of being a good corporate citizen and it’s the right thing to do.  All you need to do is click,” said Curtis.

The Food Bank says that one in seven people in the county are food insecure, meaning that they either go hungry on a regular basis, or don’t know where their next meal will come from.

Because of the economic situation, the need is at record highs, and food costs are also higher than ever.  And because of the cutbacks in government programs, we rely on community support more than ever.  We marvel at the power of social media to help people put their caring to work by doing,” said Carl Hansen, executive director of the Food Bank.

The Food Bank says the money will be used to purchase fresh produce for their Healthy Food for Local Families program, which helps provide low-income families with food assistance, nutrition education and resources.