Hunger Hurts Everyone

Hunger Hurts Everyone is a social media awareness campaign featuring a series of videos of clients, employees and volunteers involved with the Food Bank Coalition. “We hope the community will take away from the videos the fact that hunger does hurt everyone,” said Megan Chicoine, Volunteer Coordinator for the Food Bank Coalition.

The videos were created to educate the San Luis Obispo county residents about the diversity of people affected by hunger in the community. Lucy Escarcega, a former Food Bank client and current volunteer, said most people including herself would never expect to utilize the food bank but then end up needing to. “Unexpected circumstances happen to everyone,” she said. “The clients who use the Food Bank come from all walks of life and due to the economy, we see a lot of families and children.”

The “Hunger Hurts Everyone” videos also reveal what motivates individuals to donate their time to help the program. Frank Hernandez has built a strong connection to the program by volunteering over the years, and wishes to see the coalition’s younger volunteer base grow. “It’s very rewarding, knowing that I can help these people,” he said. “I came here one day and saw all of the elderly volunteers passing out food and I said to myself that I could do it too.”

Cal Poly public relations students teamed up with the Food Bank to create the “Hunger Hurts Everyone” social media campaign and helped launch the Food Banks first video-based awareness campaign. To view the “Hunger Hurts Everyone” campaign visit YouTube or click on the links below:

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