Nutrition Education Classes for Older Adults

The Food Bank Coalition offers community cooking and food literacy classes at Ocean View Manor Apartments for older adults since the addition of a Senior Farmers Market program in 2017. The goals for the classes are to teach basic cooking skills and educate around various health topics relevant to the participants. Live, interactive food demonstrations of recipes that are healthy, easy-to-make, and delicious help them eat healthier and live well. We precede the cooking demos with presentations around interesting Nutrition topics.

Seniors attending a cooking class.


Previous Classes

Fad Diets, What You Should Know: Joyce Huang, Dietetic Intern at Cal Poly, educated participants on currently trending fad diets, their potential risks and their validity. We busted many myths and it was really an eye-opening and enjoyable presentation for our participants.

Fiber: Olive Barnes, Dietetic Intern from Atascadero State Hospitals, presented on fiber, what it is, and how it benefits health. The participants found this very helpful and were very engaging in asking questions on the topics they found relatable.

Fats and Oils: Melissa Danehey, our Nutrition Program Manager, conducted this class to talk about why fats and oils are crucial for aging and also delved into the “good” and “bad” fats and how to make healthier choices.

Active engagement is encouraged.

10 Tips for Healthy Aging: Emily, Dietetic Intern from Atascadero State Hospital, conducted a class on healthy aging, which covered a variety of problems that come with aging and how to combat them with simple feasible changes in lifestyle and diet.

Protein: Nicole Foster, another one of our Dietetic Interns, talked about protein and its importance. Our participants were particularly excited for this one as they related with topic and enthusiastically asked questions.

We hope to bring many more interesting topics to Ocean View Manor Apartments and help residents stay healthy over the coming years. All presentations end with a cooking demonstration and a community meal for socializing and enjoying each other’s company.

– By Sharmin Sampat, MS, dietetic intern, California Polytechnic State University