Fruits and Vegetables



Appearance: Onions are an edible bulb that grow underneath soil. They have many layers inside with thin papery layers on the outside. They are crunchy and pungent when raw and are soft and sweet when cooked.

Look for: Firm, small necked onions. Avoid dark spotted or sprouted bulbs.

How to Prepare: Rinse, trim root and stem ends. Discard outer leaves, cut in half and lay each side on the flat side to slice/chop.

How to Store: Keep uncovered in a dry dark place for up to two months or at room temperature for up to three weeks.

Fun Fact: Onions make you cry because they contain sulfuric acid. To prevent tears, place onions in the freezer 30 minutes before chopping or chop onions from the top, and not the root end. 

Nutrition Fact: Onions contain B vitamins, which help our cells grow and stay healthy