President’s Letter

Dear Neighbor,

One of the Food Bank’s neighborhood distribution centers opened earlier this year at the Mission View Senior Residence in San Luis Obispo. As the current chairperson for the Food Bank, I wanted to stop by and congratulate them. This was very emotional and challenging for me since a few months earlier my Dad passed away at that very location. When I got to Mission View, I can’t tell you how rewarding it was for me to see all those volunteers, many of whom were current patients sitting in wheel chairs, putting together food baskets for those in need in our community. The appreciation for those I talked to who were receiving the food was overwhelming as well. These seniors exemplify our caring community!

This is why I love the Food Bank Coalition!

The Food Bank supplies food to over 200 agencies in our county which help feed 40,000 people annually. Unfortunately, about 40% of them are children. What a difference it makes to give 16,000 children access to healthy food. Without meeting this basic need, all other needs are magnified! We can supply 10 lbs. of food – about half now being fresh produce – for every dollar you provide.

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors of the Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County, I ask you to please help us now as you have in the past. An envelope is enclosed for your use, or you can go to our website and make a secure credit card donation.

Oh, and here’s one more way to give that will only cost two minutes of your time: On August 10th, go to the Toyota Facebook page, , click on the 100 Cars for Good app and simply vote for us, as we are in competition with five other agencies nationally of our size and population to win a new Toyota car or truck! Our plan is to use it to expand our capacity for monitoring our children’s programs throughout the county.


Ed Kurtz
Board Chair