Raisin Bagels and Canned Chicken

In early August, we met Ron accompanied by his daughter Angel at one of our food distributions in Paso Robles. Ron had been out of work recently and was looking for another job as a truck driver. Even though Ron’s wife was working as a bookkeeper, the family experienced financial difficulties while having only one working parent. “We have been coming to your food distributions for over a month now,” Ron explained. “We are grateful for everything we get. It really helps us with putting food on the table.”

When asked about what kinds of food they are usually able to take home, Angel chimed in with a sweet and shy smile on her face, “My favorites are the raisin bagels we get from Loaves & Fishes!” Her father on the other hand told us how intrigued he was by the canned chicken they once received, but confirmed that he ended up liking it.

Ron and Angel are but one example of the many families across SLO County that we support with healthy, nutritious food.  Nourished here, they can put their energy into other important tasks of the day. Just think of children like Angel who get to witness the impact of a generous community that doesn’t hesitate to help those in need. What a way to raise a generation who can pay forward the kindness that was modeled for them when they were growing up!

– By Luise Gleason, Marketing & Communications Coordinator