Reflections on Independence Day

One of the sources of funding for the Food Bank, as with so many non-profits, is grants from the government and private foundations. Without such grants, we would not be able to operate because the 5.5 million pounds of food that we provide to recipients is completely free. Whether directly in our distributions or through the agencies we serve. (Incidentally, all of the food we provide to agencies is also either free or highly subsidized through grants and donations.)

With the recession, grants are harder to come by, with more restrictions, and very competitive. Grants and government funding at all levels amounts to only about 10% of our budget. The balance comes from support in donations of food and money. Some of that comes from our association with Feeding America. Some of it comes from our ability to obtain low-cost produce through the Farm to Family Program of the California Association Food Banks. But most of it comes from local donations from people like you who generously give from their hard-earned resources, providing food and money to help us provide for neighbors in need.

In the end, despite the critical funds we receive from the government and private foundations, the Food Bank is continues to fight hunger because of the generosity of our local population. We raise our red, white, and blue hats to you, the people of our county who live by our legacy of a country “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” You remind us that generosity is a critical ingredient in the gift of freedom.