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Childhood Hunger and Nutrition

Little girl eats an apple | Childhood Hunger and Nutrition

Skipped meals, diets with inadequate nutrition, and other forms of hunger have negative effects on overall health at any age, but children are particularly susceptible. Childhood hunger exacerbates kids’ risk for health problems like asthma and anemia and can result in mental health struggles, behavioral issues, and academic underperformance. Here’s an exploration of these effects… Read more »

Hunger in the United States

Two children hold bags of food - Hunger in the United States

While hunger is often portrayed in the media as a distant problem in third-world countries, the pangs of food insecurity are very much felt here in North America. Hunger haunts communities around the nation, and affected more than 38 million Americans in 2020 alone. Here’s a look at the state of hunger in the US,… Read more »