What Comes To Mind When You Think Of The Month Of May?

What comes to mind when you think of the month of May? Is it the image of children dancing around the Maypole and flowers everywhere such as the one you see here? Is it Cinco de Mayo? Mother’s Day? Memorial Day? Indy 500? Or how about the phrase Mayday! Mayday! (If I wrote it three times I might get in trouble because that’s the official distress call and you can be fined $250,000 for using it and not truly being in distress.) For the Food Bank, May probably feels closer to the distress call than anything else. People aren’t as focused on helping others as they are in the fall and winter holidays, so food and financial donations are more difficult to come by. This isn’t exactly a Mayday call, but we do need help! That’s why May is set aside for our Spring Food Drive as well as preparations for Hunger Awareness Day on June 6th this year. We’re trying to get your attention! These are very lean months for us, while those who hunger don’t get a break from it just because it’s a beautiful spring day in May.

Would you consider using the month of May as a month of preparation for Hunger Awareness Day? You can help us make the day a great success by making a donation starting on May 1st! You will be able to find a donation site in your community for you to go to on June 6th with a donation of funds for us to match ten times over with food for our neighbors in need. How about gathering your family, neighborhood, or friends at work? Take a collection and bring it to the site closest to your house or workplace from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Friday, June 6th. Maybe you’d like to skip a meal a day in May and bring what you’ve saved on Hunger Awareness Day. Maybe you’d like to offer to be the bearer of gifts from your service club or church. Let your imagination run wild and make your May one you will never forget or regret. You’ll be glad you did and someone having to choose between food for the family and a roof over their head will be happy, too – and greatly encouraged by your generosity. For every person who’s hungry in our county, there are five us to provide help. If we all do a little, it’s easy and yet this simple action brings so much good to our community. Join the out-pour of concern! Join the fun! Catch the spirit of Hunger Awareness Day!